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We power wash your carpets with a powerful truck-mounted steam cleaner with water temperatures over 180 degrees. We of course use only the highest quality cleaning supplies, that are guaranteed to be eco-friendly, non-toxic, and pet friendly!


We have powerful remedies to attack unwanted odors at the source to ensure a better smelling home for you and your family!

From pet accidents to nasty mold, we have cutting-edge cleaning methods to attack the odor at the source. We don't just spray a "perfume" over the smell, we reach the underlying cause which often occurs underneath the carpet itself.


We can professionally repair your damaged carpet and stretch the carpet to remove any bothersome carpet rolls!

Sometimes the carpet bunches up, it often occurs due to improper installation techniques. We can help. We have equipment to stretch out carpet and re-install it to get rid of those annoying carpet rolls.

We also can help in all repair needs! We have tools to repair small carpet tears and make it look brand new again.


Customer Testimonials

I have been using Hydroclean Carpet Cleaners since 2011 as a preferred referred business to my clients.

They always do an outstanding job and are reasonably priced. They are knowledgeable in the carpet cleaning industry and are well versed in cleaning product knowledge.

Angie and Jay are trustworthy and dependable. I would highly recommend them.

     -Lori R Tetreault


Hydro Carpet Cleaning is the only Carpet Cleaning Service I will EVER use. I have always received nothing but the best from them. They know you by name, remember your property and give you nothing less than 100%. I have used Hydro Carpet Cleaning for having a new carpet cleaned to an aged carpet cleaned and have never received nothing less than the best from them. If I had taken pictures to show the before and after from their service I would show you.(will post with next cleaning from them). I will refer Hydro Carpet Cleaning to anyone I know that is in need of Carpet Cleaning Services from Resident's to family and friends! Thank you Angie and everyone else at Hydro Carpet Cleaning for nothing but 100% from you at all times! Donna Dahl - Business Manager with Tecton Corporation.

     -Donna Dahl


We have used Hydro Carpet Cleaning for many years and would not think of using anyone else. They not only do excellent job, friendly costumer service but also go out of their way to accommodate our schedule and needs. In emergency situations there is not one better to call.

     -Vivian Bui


I would recommend Hydro carpet cleaning for all your carpet needs. Based on my own experience with them I feel that they are an excellent company. they respond quickly and efficiently to each call. I have used them for my own home and properties that I rent.

As a property manager consistency and reliability are vital. Hydro Carpet Cleaning has never let me down!

     -Terilyn Christensen 




Capet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take for my carpet to dry?

The normal drying time is about a half-day to full day, depending upon: Air circulation, humidity, ventilation, carpet density, room temperature, carpet types, how much soiled the carpets are and weather condition.


How often should I have my carpets Cleaned?

Depends on the type of carpet and how it’s cared for (we recommend 6 months to 9 months)


What time will you show up?

Many carpet cleaning companies want customers to commit to an 2-hours window for them to show up (then the actual work begins) however, we give about half an hour window from the actual appointment time. We are pretty good at estimating how much time it will take at a home plus travel between appointments. From time to time, we do run into some unusual situations and if we are going to be later than 30 minutes, you will get a call from the technician letting you know the status.


Will I have to move my furniture out of the room?

Yes, it is helpful if you can move most of small furniture items and any valuable or breakable items from the rooms.  We do not typically move any furniture and sensitive objects.


Should I vacuum before you clean?

Yes, it’s a good idea to pre-vacuum general debris from the carpets. Our machine will suck up the little stuff, but larger pieces get caught in our filters. If you’ve vacuumed within the last few days, you are OK. Remove any breakable objects from tight corners and tables near stairs. We can also vacuum the carpet for you for a small additional charge.


Would all stains come out?

It really depends on what kind of stains. Most grayish & blackish stains will come out. However, anything with a dye will pose a problem. There is no way to remove a dye spot from your carpet without affecting the original condition of carpet. So another word, wood stain, food coloring from popsicles, hair dye, some markers, dyes in some candle wax, etc. often can’t be removed.


Are the chemicals toxic to pets & children?

No, The products we use are non-toxic and safe for both pets and children.


Is my rug part of the standard carpet-cleaning package?

No, standard carpet cleaning does not cover cleaning your rugs.